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Contemplay video

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The ContemPLAY pavilion is a combined steel and wood structure created by the McGill School of Architecture DRS (Directed Research Studio M.Arch) students as a capstone project for their final year. It is built in collaboration with F.A.R.M.M. (Facility for Architectural Research and Media Mediation, founding director Michael Jemtrud), and Maria Mingallon, the Gerald Sheff visiting Professor.

This website documents the process and work done for the pavilion, which was launched to celebrate the new DRS program at the McGill School of Architecture.

The pavilion project is an excellent demonstration of the latest developments in the DRS program, exposing advanced construction techniques, digital processes and theoretical approaches to architecture in the public realm. Furthermore, the project highlights the student potential as well as the capacity for trans-disciplinary team work on a high level project.

The ContemPLAY project is a unique opportunity to allow students and the McGill School of Architecture to present an unprecedented graduate studies project in North-America, setting the standard for new architectural programs.

The pavilion is donated to the public and open to all as a means of making architecture relevant and important in the community. Members of the pavilion team include: Hamza Alhbian, Simon Bastien, Justin Boulanger, Evguenia Chevtchenko, Elisa Costa, Jason Crow, Nicolas Demers-Stoddart, Andrew Hruby, Olga Karpova, Shelley Ludman, Diandra Maselli, Maria Mingllon, Courtney Posel, Dina Safonova, Dieter Toews, Sophie Wilkin.

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